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The information tab gives you some short feedback about the input image.


These icons inform you in a quick and visual way of whether the input image is High or Low Dynamic Range.
If the Max luminance is 1.0 or below, the image is considered LDR.

ArionFX works in both (HDR and LDR) cases, but certain luminance-driven effects such as Glare and Bloom expect raw pixel data to be true High Dynamic Range.



This area continuously displays the histogram of the current status of the preview image.


Image data

This part displays whether or not the image is HDR, and its memory layout (for example FMT_RGBA32F like in the screenshot means the image is RGB+Alpha and is coded in 32-bit floating-point).

Min luminance corresponds to the luminance value of the darkest pixel. This value is usually 0.0.

Max luminance corresponds to the luminance value of the brightest pixel. This value has virtually no limit, and mostly depends on certain features (e.g., light sources, ...) for CGI images, or how it was captured (e.g., range of stops, use of nd filters...) for real-life photographs.

A Max luminance of 1.0 or lower means the image is LDR (e.g., .jpg, .png...) and is not really suitable for some ArionFX features such as Glare or Bloom.

The Update time displays the computation time it took for ArionFX to apply the filter to the preview proxy image.



The Presets tab allows you to load and save preset .xml files as well as to select one of the built-in ones.

It also displays a preview of the selected .xml preset file before you pick it.


This button lets you browse your hard drive for a previously saved .xml preset file.


This button lets you save the current ArionFX parameters as a .xml preset file for later reuse. 


This list contains a selection of typical presets for HDR images.
It can also be used as a start point to create your own presets.


This button passes the selected Preset to the User Interface.




This area displays an output log with various information. Its main use is for advanced users and RandomControl to figure out possible problems.


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