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The Arion stand-alone is a GUI-based application that allows you to render and edit interactively with the Arion engine.


  • Since Arion 2.0 and the release of the RandomControl LIVE plug-ins, Arion no longer revolves around a stand-alone application. Actually, the LIVE plug-ins have made the stand-alone become optional. However, the stand-alone still offers great value in the following situations:
  • It allows users to render with Arion even from modeling applications without a LIVE plug-in, through the use of .obj files (e.g., C4D, SketchUp, ...).
  • It allows users from fields such as the CAD world to render with Arion, since pretty much every 3D application in the world can export to .obj.
  • The Arion stand-alone is an application specifically engineered for editing efficiency. In some cases you may still want to use it for quick editing, even if you own a LIVE plug-in.