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The ArionFX for Photoshop user interface is made of 4 main areas.

1. Context

The context area displays the toolchain's preview.

This area is also used to display the various debug and analysis modes available.


2. Toolchain settings

The toolchain is the list of consecutive stages that form the ArionFX filter.

The ArionFX tools that actually process the input image are configured here.

The toolchain is broken down to 6 tabs:


3. Information/Presets

This area is made of two tabs:

  • Information
  • Presets

The information tab displays a brief description of the image and its histogram.

The Presets tab allows you to save and load whole configurations of the toolchain for later use.

4. Preview

The preview settings are used to analyze or fine tune certain effects individually, as well as to constrain ArionFX to the current Photoshop selection.


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