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After installing ArionFX for Photoshop, it will take over Photoshop's native .exr loader and show this import dialog that lets you choose how the file should be read.



If you have unchecked "Show this dialog" and want it back, simply hold the Shift key on your keyboard while opening the file.


The ArionFX importer supports the Industrial Light and Magic™ .exr, and the Arion Render G-Buffer .agb formats.


Reset to defaults

This button will reset all the previously used importer settings to their defaults prior to opening the current image.



This button will open the licensing dialog that lets you install an ArionFX license file. For more information about licensing ArionFX for Photoshop, please refer to the Licensing ArionFX page.



This button will show the About dialog.


Import settings

The ArionFX importer allows you to choose certain actions that can be applied prior to loading the file in Photoshop.

Embed Alpha as opacity
This option will use the Alpha channel layer of the file (if present) and use it to cut out the color layer directly.

Un-multiply RGB using Alpha
This option pre-divides the main color layer pixels by their Alpha channel value.

Show this dialog
This option will make the import dialog show up automatically every time an .exr or .agb file is loaded in Photoshop.



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