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The ArionFX for After Effects installer will guide you through the necessary steps to install ArionFX for After Effects.



Make sure that After Effects is closed before starting the installation.



The installer will install necessary RandomControl files such as the uninstaller and a few registry entries.



The installer will detect your After Effects installation(s) automatically.

If this is not the case, please click the Browse... button and select your After Effects Plug-ins folder(s) manually.

A typical example (for After Effects CC 2015) would be:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2015\Support Files\Plug-ins

All After Effects versions have a similar Plug-ins path, where only the After Effects version name changes.

The setup will install all the necessary ArionFX files to your After Effects installation.



In the next step the installer will allow you to select which parts of the ArionFX for After Effects elements will be installed (i.e., start menu entries and the image library).



Congratulations! Now you can start After Effects and use ArionFX on your frame sequences.

The filter can be found in the Effect>RandomControl>ArionFX Tonemapping menu or by right-clicking the clip you want ArionFX to be applied on from the composition timeline.



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