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  • Initial release


ArionFX for After Effects brings many new features to Adobe's flagship video editing software After Effects. These are some of them:

  • Input colorspace: Allows you to define the colorspace used to generate the file to respect it.
  • Output colorspace: Allows you to define the colorspace to use for the final output to seamlessly integrate any pipeline.
  • HDR photo filter: Applies a cooling, warming or custom photo filter in 32-bit floating-point before the ArionFX filters.
  • HDR upcast: Defines custom masks to lower and/or increase the luminance of a range of pixels to pump up or dim out certain effects importance.
  • Customizable virtual camera iris: Simulates anamorphic lenses by squeezing the iris shape horizontally or vertically.
  • HDR Despeckler/fireflies removal: Remove fireflies and speckles from high dynamic range input.
  • HDR film grain: Add physically-based grain that respects the dynamic range of the input data.
  • HDR vignetting: Simulate lens vignetting in full high dynamic range.
  • HDR fringe: Simulate lens chromatic aberration in full high dynamic range.
  • HDR physically-based bloom : Using downsampling now produces smooth bloom without blocky artifacts.
  • HDR physically-based glare: Using downsampling now produces smooth glare without blocky artifacts.
  • Tonemapping: Use one of the 5 local or global tonemapping operator to get the exact look that you are after.
  • Camera response: Use one of the 50 camera response curves to radically change the final output appearance.
  • ISO control: Change exposure based on real-world camera ISO speed values.
  • Gamma control: Edit the output data gamma.
  • 32-bit sharpening: Enhance details and sharpen the output data.
  • 32-bit Color Grading: Color-grade your images directly from ArionFX.
  • 32-bit hue/saturation: Edit your image's hue, saturation and lightness with 32-bit float accuracy.
  • 32-bit color balance: Edit your image's color balance with selective areas (shadows, midtones, highlights or all together) with 32-bit floating-point precision.
  • ArionFX command line interface.


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