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The native Rhinoceros Sun panel.
The native Rhinoceros Sun panel.

RHINO LIVE interprets the information set in the native Rhinoceros Sun panel.

Illuminating a scene with light coming from the sky/sun is as easy as opening the native RhinocerosSun panel, enabling the sun and/or the sky, and setting a time/date/location. Rhinoceros also provides an explicit control override for the sun position, which is conveniently monitored by RHINO LIVE.

Sunlit interior by Frances Gainer.
Sunlit interior by Frances Gainer.

Both the native Rhinoceros viewport and the RHINO LIVE IAD provide the user with real-time visual feedback as he plays around with the sun position. This way, the illumination in general, and the sun shadows in particular, can be re-oriented with comfort and precision.

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