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The speed of Arion allows for interactive rendering without the need for a special dumbed-down previewing engine. The RHINO LIVE plug-in exploits this capability in the form of a custom interactive viewport that can be enabled anytime to provide visual feedback of the document while the user works on it.

This custom viewport is called IAD, which stands for Interactive Arion Display.

The RHINO LIVE IAD during a real session of use.
The RHINO LIVE IAD during a real session of use.

The IAD keeps an instance of Arion running in the background as the user edits the document. In order to keep the IAD up-to-date with the changes in the document, RHINO LIVE features a synchronization system that monitors UI events and sends proper notifications to the engine.

The IAD panel can be opened from the RandomControl LIVE entry in the top menu bar. The engage button in the IAD panel starts an Arion session. The IAD can be stopped anytime with the disengage button, in order to save system resources when the IAD is no longer needed.

Additionally, the IAD panel features a toolbar with some basic functionality, such as the ability to take quick snapshots, or to display performance statistics.



Depending on multiple factors there exists the possibility that some UI events may not be delivered to the Arion engine properly. In such situations there may be a discordance between the real status of the document and the IAD. Should such situation happen, the re-engage button in the IAD toolbar can be used to force a full refresh.

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