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The RC LIVE Environment node.
The RC LIVE Environment node.


For a comprehensive technical description of the scene environment in Arion, please refer to this page.

RHINO LIVE provides a special type of environment content node called RandomControl LIVE Environment. Once a node of this type is created in the Rhinoceros Environment Editor panel, its parameters are passed to the Arion ENV/BKG slots.

The RandomControl LIVE Environment node can be used to configure both the environment lighting and the background (wallpaper) of the scene.




In Arion, the background is used for those pixels where camera rays do not hit any objects, but has no effect on the illumination of the scene whatsoever. The environment, on the other hand, is used to illuminate the scene, but is only visible when a background color/map is not enabled.


Arion supports flat-colored and texture-mapped environments and backgrounds. If maps are used, different types of mappings (e.g., screen, spherical, ...) are supported.


Scene illuminated by an HDR environment.
Scene illuminated by an HDR environment.


For more information on how to configure the background (wallpaper) of the scene from the RandomControl LIVE Environment node, please refer to this page.

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