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The Camera Optics panel.


For a comprehensive technical description of all the features supported by cameras in Arion, please refer to this area of the Knowledge Base.

RHINO LIVE takes the basic camera properties (i.e., position, direction, and target distance) from the current active view in the Rhinoceros document. The rest of extended optics and photographic properties (e.g., f-stop, shutter speed, ...) are taken from the RHINO LIVE Camera Optics panel.

The Camera Optics panel can be opened from the RandomControl LIVE entry in the top menu bar.



RHINO LIVE uses the active view to render, as long as the active view is a perspective (non-parallel) view. If the active view is not a perspective view, then RHINO LIVE seeks for an available perspective view among the existing views in the document instead. This applies to native framebuffer rendering, and to the IAD as well.



The position of the camera target (focus) in Rhinoceros can be configured using the Place Target button in the Properties panel. However, since dealing with the target dummy is not obvious in Rhinoceros, RHINO LIVE disables depth of field (DOF) by default when a new document is created. DOF can be re-enabled anytime from the Render Properties panel.

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