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The extended Camera Properties panel.
The extended Camera Properties panel.

For a comprehensive technical description of all the features supported by cameras in Arion, please refer to Section cameras.

Arion for 3ds Max interprets native 3ds Max cameras, so it is possible to use cameras in MAX normally. However, Arion supports some features that 3ds Max cameras don't. For this reason, whenever a camera is created in a scene where Arion for 3ds Max is the active render engine, a set of custom attributes is injected into the newly created camera. These attributes can be accessed through the Modify tab as depicted by Figure maxlive_camera.

Note that Arion for 3ds Max takes the basic camera properties (e.g., lens, target distance, ...) from the standard 3ds Max camera panel, and the rest of extended properties (e.g., f-stop, shutter speed, ...) from the Arion for 3ds Max custom attributes panel.




Cameras and their attributes in Arion for 3ds Max are fully animatable. See Section motion_blur for more details on camera motion blur.



Arion for 3ds Max requires your scene to have at least one object and one camera in order to render.


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