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Ironman render by Luima Morillo.
Ironman render by Luima Morillo.


  • Before you begin, it is important that you make sure that your machine and your GPUs are ready for GPU acceleration. Please read through Section cuda_in_arion for details on GPU drivers, CUDA trouble-shooting, and recommended hardware configurations.


  • Log in to the Customer Area with your customer username and password and download the latest Arion stand-alone setup and the corresponding license file. Note that there are two setups:one is for 32-bit and the other one is for 64-bit systems. Download the one that matches your version of Microsoft Windows.
  • Close all applications, run the setup, and wait for completion.
  • Double-click the Arion icon that must have been created in your Desktop. The stand-alone will open, telling you that you're running in DEMO mode (unless a previous valid license could be found in your system).
  • On the top toolbar of the UI you will find a button labeled License. Click it, and in the dialog that will pop up (Figure ui_license_manager), select Install a license file.... Browse for the license file that you downloaded from the Customer Area, and accept.
  • Restart the stand-alone, and enjoy Arion.


  • Before you start rendering for real, you may want to configure your hardware for optimal performance. To this end, click the Config button in the main toolbar of the stand-alone and configure your devices (Figure ui_hardware_manager).



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