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A beautiful rendering from Studio Podrini done entirely with Arion technology.
A beautiful rendering from Studio Podrini done entirely with Arion technology.


Arion has been created to meet the most demanding production environments.

Packed with unprecedented flexibility, speed and output quality, the Arion Core is at the heart of our stand-alone renderer as well as the Arion for 3ds Max and Arion for Rhinoceros plug-ins.

What is Arion?

Arion is a hybrid-accelerated and physically-based production render engine. It inherits all our expertise in light simulation and makes it run on steroids, thanks to our very unique massively parallel GPU+CPU approach.

Arion is a high performance production renderer capable of producing hyper-real images.

Arion's unique approach

Arion uses all the GPUs -and- all the CPUs in the system simultaneously, not wasting a single flop available. Additionally, Arion can use all the GPUs and all the CPUs in all the other computers in the network forming a cluster for massive distribution of animation frames.


Arion is able to handle very large data-sets and still deliver a very good performance. By means of taking advantage of features such as instancing or render-time displacement, it is possible to render virtually anything on a modern hardware-accelerated computer using Arion.


Arion can handle most of the rendering effects which are considered standard these days such as displacements, instancing, motion blur, ... and more. And beyond the current list of features supported by Arion, we keep researching and developing to bring even more technology in the near future.

Stable and rock-solid

The Arion Core has been crafted with the highest coding quality standards in mind. As a result, it is nearly unbreakable and will relentlessly render for hours or days without ever crashing.

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