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Text editing is very handy to batch various scenes dressings for RenderWarrior.


Dressing is a new feature in Arion stand-alone v2.5.0 that allows for text-based (.xml) editing of the scene's properties. This was implemented for artists and studios who needs to batch a lot of renders variations of the same scene.

Exporting a dressing file

By clicking on the Dressings button, Arion will asks for a drive location and a filename for the scene's .xml dressing.


The Dressing button in Arion stand-alone.
The Dressing button in Arion stand-alone.


The RandomControl Teapot scene and a snapshot of its .xml dressing file.


Editing a .xml dressing file

Dressing files can be edited in any text editor such as Window's Notepad or more advanced text editors like Notepad++ (which was used for this document's snapshots).

By editing manually the correct string of the .xml file, you can change the scene:


Changing the RandomControl Teapot using the XML dressing file.Changing the RandomControl Teapot color using the XML dressing file.


Loading a .xml dressing file

The XML file can be used as is by RenderWarrior just like a scene file, so instead of defining a .RCS in the command-line argument, you can just point to a .xml file. The stand-alone is also able to read .xml dressing files directly:


Loading a dressing in the stand-alone.Loading a dressing in the stand-alone.

Loading a .XML dressing using RenderWarrior.
Loading a .xml dressing using RenderWarrior.


When using a .xml file as input with RenderWarrior, it's still possible to use all the usual command-line arguments that normally applies to .rcs files.




The .xml dressing file must either be right next to the .rcs file, or the dressing path that points to the scene must be edited to reflect the actual scene's location on disk.

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