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Randomized instances image.
Randomized instances image.

Technology development

The architecture and implementation of RCSDK, Arion Stand-alone, Arion for 3ds Max and Arion for Rhinoceros are the result of the work of Chema Guerra Garcia and are the exclusive property of Chema Guerra Garcia and RandomControl, SLU.

The only pieces of code in RCSDK not developed by RandomControl directly are the following open source I/O libraries:


I/O libraryAuthor(s)
libzipJean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler.
libjpegThe Independent JPEG Group.
libpngGuy Eric Schalnat, Andreas Dilger, Glenn Randers-Pehrson and others.
libtiffSam Leffler and Silicon Graphics, Inc.
OpenEXRIndustrial Light and Magic.

Beta Testing

The following people have played an active role in the Arion Beta Testing Team:

  • Erwan Loison (lwan)
  • Frances G. Davey (Frances)
  • John Strieder (John Strieder)
  • Raphael Aguirre (thxraph)
  • Stephane Moya (u.biq)
  • Johnny Butcher (Visual Impact)
  • Marco Podrini (podro)
  • Luima Morillo (Luima)
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